Michelangelo is a startup from Vienna, currently hiring to the core team. We are open-minded, young and motivated. We love art, science and sports. Join us and help others to create awesome virtual worlds!

Frontend Developer (WebGL, D3)

Vienna (AT)
Starting date
as soon as posible
Full-time or part-time
At least €2500 (monthly gross, 14x)
soft skills workshops
flexible schedule
We are looking for a frontend developer to turn Michelangelo's scripting interface into a nice GUI with high usability and great UX. Are you the one to brigde design, computer graphics and visualization?


Writing procedural rules is definitely not the dream job of a 3D artist. Even worse is fixing errors in complex rule-sets. You should develop and test intuitive and efficient ways to achieve great UX for non-programmers.
  1. Design GUI controls for creation and editing of procedural rules.
  2. Create handles to manipulate rule parameters directly in the 3D viewport.
  3. Build an interactive tree for abstract navigation in the resulting scene.
As the power of Michelangelo's engine evolves there are always new features coming in. Your long-term responsibility will be to keep the frontend up-to-date with the backend API. You will be also expected to come up with fresh ideas for UX improvements. For the launch of Michelangelo next year, there will be new challenges including semantic navigation in Michelangelo's mind, community management widgets and more. As the company evolves you will be given the chance to become the team leader for front-end development.


  • Webdesign, GUI development, UX
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • D3, Three.js/WebGL, Knockout


  • English C level

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Internship for students

Vienna (AT) or remote
Starting date
any time
up to €2000
i2c workshops
We invite motivated students who are willing to learn new skills in computer graphics, visualization, geometry, artificial intelligence, generative design, architecture, interior design or related disciplines to join Michelangelo for an internship. It can be linked with a Bc. or a MSc. thesis. We will be glad to provide supervision for you. There is a bounty waiting at the end of a successful thesis.

Soft skills

As our intern you may not only develop your professional skills, but also join the i2c workshops on soft skills and enterpreneurship with top international mentors. The everyday life of a startup is very exciting :)


You may learn how to use Michelangelo and directly ask about details. The world of procedural modeling is complex and not easy to understand. We can guide you through and help you to create your own student project as part of Michelangelo. Here are some questions that can inspire you:
  • [copmuter science] What is the role of semantics in 3D modeling?
  • [copmuter science] Why are context sensitive languages difficult?
  • [artificial intelligence] How can a system learn to predict what users think?
  • [artificial intelligence] Can Michelangelo recognize objects?
  • [geometry] What are the best methods for modeling with smooth surfaces?
  • [geometry] How do computers perceive placement of objects?
  • [visualization] Is it possible to show the whole cloud data in one image?
  • [computer graphics] What is so difficult about natural phenomena?
  • [computer graphics] What are the characteristis of lights and how to design them?
  • [animation] Can we generate moving objects?
  • [computer graphics] What are physically-based materials?
  • [computer graphics] What are the limits of web graphics?
Behind each of the questions there is an interesting scientific problem. If you wish to find out more, or if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

We work with

  • C#, Java, Python
  • Mitsuba, Blender
  • D3, Three.js/WebGL, Knockout

Languages required

  • English C level

Are you interested?

*We'll never share your email with anyone else.